Our Philosophy of Education

We see education as a right and not a privilege; the wider community benefits when everyone gets an education. Education not only lifts up the individual but others as well. Society is much better overall, when every person having is educated. We are interested in developing the whole person and that starts with educating him. We are concerned that in this age of widespread use of technology there are still too many people not getting an education. So we intend to do something to address the inequity.

To accomplish this we are giving scholarships, grants, and other educational benefits to help students get an education.

Who Can Apply

Students in need can apply for support for schooling including elementary school, high school, undergraduate school, and medical school.

Scholarship funds can only be used for the following:

Direct educational expenses, such as tuition payment, room and board, and fees for a student pursuing a bachelor's degree at an educational institution. Indirect educational expenses, such as required books, transportation, meals, clothing. Proof student (s) needing such requirements will be necessary for the disbursements of funds.

Scholarships and Grants

We provide grants As Funds Are Available, ranging from $300.00 - $2,500.00.

Apply Now

Visit our Scholarships and Grants Application page to apply.

Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve

In the motto of the coat of arms for the island of Trinidad and Tobago, it reads “Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve.” It is our belief by aspiring to help change the circumstances in the lives of others we are surely going to achieve it. Thanks for supporting our foundation.

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