As a privately-owned charitable foundation we are 90% financed through our parent company, The Peters Group LLC. The rest of charitable donors comes from contributors like you, who like us have a heart for the less fortunate and take great joy and pleasure in making a positive difference in their lives. The Peters Group LLC is known in the community for making a positive difference in the lives of people. 

The Peters Group - Indianapolis Irrigation, Lighting, and LandscapingPartner with us to make a difference as your contributions will be most appreciated as will be seen in our transparency in showing you how your donations are being used and the positive effects it is making in the lives of the community. You will always be made aware of all our activities also you will be able to correspond if you so which with the community that received your assistance.

We are also funded through nonprofit gifts called Bequests where someone can leave a gift of their wills to the foundation and in so doing they can specify how they want the gift to be used. There must be specificity in carrying out this process so that all is clear in your gifting.

Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve

In the motto of the coat of arms for the island of Trinidad and Tobago, it reads “Together We Aspire, Together We Achieve.” It is our belief by aspiring to help change the circumstances in the lives of others we are surely going to achieve it. Thanks for supporting our foundation.

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